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Your lists containing the - name - surname - e-mail addresses of your participants are automatically defined in our system and their login information is sent to each participant. This process can be carried out not only for corporate but also by individuals and individuals who want to participate.

Participants can complete their training within the time they wish (or determined by the institution), and when they give their exams for each, the certificates of success are prepared by the system. The training can be repeated over and over by the participants.

Through the corporate admin account, an authority or authorities determined by the institution can monitor the movements of all participants within the system and access Performance reports. This authority can be found in corporate security departments, Human Resources Departments or training Departments.

Via Your Own Corporate E-Learning Infrastructure


This method involves the purchase of the preferred training modules by the institution. Our training modules are converted to LMS format suitable for your infrastructure and delivered to you. The ownership of the delivered modules passes to the purchased institution completely and indefinitely.

Details such as corporate logos, player settings, exam right, passing grade will be adapted to corporate preferences.

According to the demands of the institutions, the environmental environments used in the modules can be specially prepared according to the reality of open and closed areas.








Let us open a completely private space on our portal. Give your trainings here, get your reports and certify your participants with university-approved certificates bearing your institution name and logo.

It will be much safer to manage this service through an external structure instead of increasing your risk level by keeping your corporate e-learning area within your sensitive data processing network.

The web address of your domain will appear with the name of your institution / department. (

Our ready-made training modules take place with your logo on them.
You can add the modules you produce yourself to your portal or request them from us.
You can communicate with your participants, publish announcements and get feedback.

Details such as player settings, exam right, passing grade will be adapted to your corporate preferences.


     Instructor costs
     Classroom usage costs
     Approved certification,
     Standardization on training
     Accessibility from distances
     No travel expences for the attendants
     No Time problems in shifts,
     Less IT investments

By keeping away from all technical - bureaucratic processes and very important cost items, we offer a unique solution package that operates under fully automated conditions.
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