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منصة منح الشهادات الأمنية المتفرقة للتعلم الإلكتروني ..

The content and visualizations prepared in accordance with the criteria of computerized distance education and adult education have been shaped by a 4-year collaborative work carried out by teams of national and foreign experts and consultants who have awarded in their work and have printed works in their fields. Realistic virtual environments and one-to-one models were used in the visualizations. Our program provides the law enforcement and private security personnel with the necessary infrastructure and knowledge for deterrence, early detection, fast, accurate and effective "counter intervention".


Participants can organize their own training programs at times suitable for their working routines.

Thanks to the online learning opportunity in the Internet environment or in the corporate intranet environment, the labor and monetary costs created by Salon trainings are prevented and the participant limitation is eliminated.

Education is supported by additional resources.

The participant has the chance to repeat the parts in the training or the entire course.


Our publication that creates the basis for our content

Private Security Methodology

(Papatya Publishing House, Istanbul, 2005)


Uludag University

Nevsehir University

Konya Selcuk University

At Fırat University


Supplementary textbook

has been accepted as.

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