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One of the services that can be provided by PLUSECON is vacation and travel securıty.  Security services can be provided onboard as a continuous basis in the client's boat or on the vehicle or by using an escort vehicle (boat or automobile) or as port/marina securıty.


Security and protection personnel, may be provided whether armed or nonarmed due to the client's need or preference.

This service is not limited with the country borders of Turkey only. We can provide travel security, VIP protection and family protection services in all European countries on demand, along with countries such as Greece, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, North Africa countries in the presence of our prevailing foreign languages.

It is up to the needs and wishes of the client to determine exactly what the service to be provided will be.

Personnel to serve during service are usually former military or security personnel who know one or more foreign languages well, or persons with special education of close protection or ship security.

All kinds of services for your request please contact with the e mail; or 

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