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Plusecon Consulting offers some facilitating and/or security providing services for the expatriates living or working in Turkey or in neighboring countries.
The services are held by experimented personnel on their fields who are also  capable to speak one or more foreighn languages well, Like English, German, İtalian, Spanish, etc. The mentioned personnel can  be experts  from the fields of; Public relations, Hosting, Guiding, Organisation management, VIP Security, Family Sacurity, Child Security, Residential security, Guest Protection, Transportation Etc.

These services can be summarized as follows.

All kinds of services for your request please contact with the e mail; 


Foreign VIP close protection

(Armed or Unarmed)

(Long Term / Short Term)

VIP close protection need of the Expats living or working in Turkey or their guests can be  maintained with English or other languages speaking security personnel who were well trained on VIP CP subject.


Residential Security

by Security Personnel

(Armed or Unarmed)

All kind of Security and security personnel needs can be maintained by well trained foreign language speaking personnel. Official permissions from the gov. are followed for the client


Child Security & Protection

By Male or Female Guards


Security and Safety needs of your children can be maintained when in home, school, organisation, etc.

(with or without  driver)


Tailor-made training sessions for the Expats about the Culture of the Country & Regional Risks

Special Tailor-Made training programs are prepared and held by our foreıgn language speaking experts & classes are given about the subjects like; the culture of the hosting country, regional risks, protective behaviors...


Vacation Security,

Vacation Planning & Guiding


According to your plans & Expectations,our experts may plan your vacation or your trip by ensuring you about all the security & safety risks which could be faced during such vacations.


Practical or Professional

Turkish language Training

for Expats.

PLUSECON Security & Training consultancy may provide Practical or Professional Turkish language training sessions with its teachers graduated from various faculties about foreign languages.

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