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Security consulting and security management in concerts and organizations


PLUSECON Security Consultancy also operates under the scope of organization security within the scope of consulting services provided. Lastly, we also provide consultancy and management support for the security management of the whole organization, especially in Music Festivals and Concert Organizations, which are held widely in our country as well as the agreements made with the organizational owners.

Every organization is a work that needs to be handled in different dimensions within itself. The nature and image of the individual, the artist, the groups, the organizational space, the target audiences, etc. And directly affect the security methods that must be used.

Each organization must be dealt within three phases and the security plan must be prepared accordingly before the organization. These stages,


      Before the start of the organization and acceptance of the audience,
      The moment of organization,
      End of organization and field evacuation, As stages.

These three phases are absolutely included in the security plan to be prepared and the determination of the human power to be used is made according to this plan. A systematically prepared plan will bring significant benefits to the client firm's organizational firm in accordance with the cost-benefit balance. Using an unplanned human power means unnecessary and wasted cost. The work process must begin with detailed meetings to be carried out and a discovery work to be carried out after the information to be transferred to our institution and a security plan and risk analysis to be prepared. PSC consultants throughout the organization will provide continuous and uninterrupted Security System and Personnel Management support. Our emergency advisors plan the third stage of each event with great care in the event of organizational termination and field evacuation.




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