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Retail Risk minimization / loss prevention program for institutions operating in the sector

PLUSECON Security Consultancy is a company that operates in the retail sector, which has specific and effective consultancy solutions for the risks such as fire, terror etc. and as well as the risk of loses. PSC have developed effective loss prevention programs for the minimization of these risks.


PLUSECON loss prevention concept starts with a comprehensive security survey within the whole institution in order to be able to detect and predict posiible specific risks which the institution can face. than it continues with the service of preparing and effective security system in order to control the loses. Preparing the effectice routine and emergency procedures for the client is another step of the whole service. finally the last step is to train the personnel in order to make them capable to be used as deterrence effects of the system. they are trained by in-class training sessions and by simulations.

Losses are categorised as two main categories like ''losses by employee theft' 'and' 'losses by client theft'  these two separate risk factors are handled seperately by PSC and two different systems are developed. personnel theft is a more important risk factor comparing with the client theft. developed security system are presented to the management of the institution and waited to be confirmed. 

PLUSECON loss prevention concept, aims to prevent the loss prevention responsibility from being put on the shoulders of security personnel and to include all store civilian personnel in this process. According to the inadequacy of the law, the case of the theft at the exit of the house has many difficulties, such as difficulties in accusing the persons, the complainant generally does not receive heavy penalties, the compensation cases are confronted with the mistakenly accused persons, It is clear that the prevention effort is insufficient to control only the case outputs.

PLUSECON loss prevention concepts aims to use all the store personnel as the elements of deternce and tries to prevent the theft instead of catching the thieves.

The stated concept requires each store employee to pass the PSC training program designed for this purpose. After the theoretical training, during the hours that the store is closed all the staff are invited to the store and simulation training is implemented. by this way personnel are forced to gain live & learn technique. Through the simulation training sessions, the personnel;

 Will see theft tactics and techniques,
 will experience the feeling of '' playing '' individually and feel the pressure on the person,
 will see how the adrenalin because of pressure is reflected in the body language,
 see how they can use their language as a deterrent effect.
 Take precautions to be taken in case outlets,
 He / she will be able to put himself / herself in place and empathize,
 will see what the wrong interventions can have,

Most important,
 Will have a fun educational session.

PLUSECON specialists have implemented such concept and training studies in many large-scale retailer institutions in Turkey and have received very positive feedbacks. The following are the personal references of our managers and clients who have implemented the program on many retailers' organizations in Turkey and abroad and have achieved effective results.








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