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You can learn Kravmaga to protect yourself and your loved ones. It's an open system of combat & easy to learn  for every civil and official person. Whatever situation and position you are in & without a special outfit or suit you can apply and use  kravmaga, then you can be a practitioner. There are no competitions in Kravmaga style. Your experience does not interest us, what is important is to decide for the first lesson which is important to make you progress faster. it is the combat system which is or can be used by close Protection officers, Bodyguards, security personnel, soldiers and even civilians.  

Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע: "close combat") is a close combat technique used by Israeli military forces.
Krav Maga is being used by Israeli security forces with certain changes. A more simplified version of the self-defense version of the killing techniques used in the military is taught through courses in civilian life (Krav Maga). In the English-speaking countries, the word maga (מגע) means "kava" (קרב), meaning "fighting" or "fighting", and is often translated as a close combat. Some countries call it a destroyer


Our institution's specialist trainers are organizing Kraw maga training sessions for the needs of the institutional clients or individuals in customer location (institutional area or residence).

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