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Plusecon Consultancy and Security services can provide Child and family protection services for individuals or institutions that need and / or request. This service can be provided by specially trained civilians, as well as by armed guards, provided that the person requesting the service obtains a private security permit in accordance with the law. Our institution can also support this permit to be obtained in line with customer request. In addition to the period of residence, child protection services include the times used for school, playgrounds, holidays, visits to friends, etc., both alone and under parental supervision.  

Depending on the age of the child to whom protection service is provided, the characteristics of our personnel such as age, gender, and education status may also vary in line with the demands of the customer.

Family protection service can also be provided officially or through civilian officials by obtaining Private Security Permit. In addition to residence security, this service also includes business environments, travel moments, vehicles, boats, etc. It covers all kinds of time spent in such places and is mostly provided within the scope of VIP and Family close protection service.

Plusecon undertakes the following features regarding the persons who will take part in the performance of the service.

Child Psychology and Pedagogy training (by Plusecon)
Driving license and advanced driving training
Communication skills training
Body Language Training
Training under pressure
Private Security Training and ID Card (Required in case of permission)
Close Protection Training

The above mentioned services can be provided domestically, or in any country abroad, by local officials of our solution partners. The service can be continuous or fixed term.
Each staff member who will work in the field of child and family protectşon and safety is meticulously selected in accordance with the required qualifications and is commissioned by going through the same process of the "Personality inventory tests and personnel profiling reports after face-to-face interviews" that we currently provide to many important institutions. In this report, the results of the personnel such as '' Aggressiveness, not being able to stay under pressure, not being able to use initiative, impulsivity, pedophilia tendency, antisocial and asocial personality traits are presented to the customer through a personnel profiling report.

If you wish to request such a service, please contact our contact page.

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