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Our Security consultancy service is based on a proven methodological approach with success in the world and our country with numerous examples. This five-legged method, which aims to optimize the budget and use it most efficiently is as decreibed below;

1. Modus operandi is determined on the basis of realistic criteria;

2. be able to counter the risks placed on the priority order over the five criteria;

3. To be able to create systems that take into account the cost / benefit balance;

4. Each includes personnel, equipment, training, procedures and supervision;

5. It is based on the principle of creating multiple safety circles integrated with each other.

​​Unfortunately, however, it is understandable that the systems created without many details and crucial stages are completely "dead investments" in real life situations. As we could see in some real situations, we have to consider that only expensive equipment and systems equipped with abundant personnel can not actually be certain solutions to security problems, including the simplest.


B. Why is Security Consulting Needed?

Taking professional counseling support has many benefits, each of which creates significant added value in itself. These are;

1. The alternative cost of consulting is much more expensive. The total cost of the consulting service, for example, will be far below the average amount of equipment that will be sold to your establishment unnecessarily when this service is not provided.

2. It means to have a functioning security system in much more favorable conditions.

3. It means that a serious application burden has been removed from the back of the organization within the service items such as selection, training, preparation and updating of comprehensive routine and emergency procedures, and various ways of monitoring the system.

4. All of the affiliates have been able to organize and standardize their security practices to save significant resources.

5. There is an undeniable added value in the provision of very valuable security know-how

6. On the other hand, the generation of appropriate solutions in areas such as "loss prevention" increases the profitability of the service providers much higher than the service cost.

C. PLUSECON Consulting

PLUSECON  Consulting has a network of knowledge, experience, personnel and partnerships that can meet all of the security needs of customers within the country and abroad. Our company is a true "SOLUTION PARTNER" in international standards with its expanding "independent service" portfolio and numerous, modular service packages, with this field, AR-GE work and growing partnerships both at home and abroad,

​​​D. Consultancy Ethics

Companies that offer consulancy services should no longer ask for personnel or equipment services in the same project. In this case, the essential "impartiality" principle of consulting will be destroyed and it will be inevitable for the firm to put in more and more solutions for the project that you are preparing for it, more subjective personnel, or more subjective working environments for you.

A security structure must be projected by "independent consulting". PSC Consulting is neither a service provider nor a company that sells equipment.

​​​E. Consulting Service Offer Scope

As a result of our kick off meetings , it is possible to present our service as a package in the client projects, as well as to request optional services based on the needs and location of our existing projects.

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