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Purpose; To speed up emergency evacuation by giving classroom and field drill trainings about fire and building evacuation to the employees about the emergency situations. Especially because our country is in earthquake zone, safety & security and emergency have to be considered as wery important subjects.  Theese trainings are given to keep the life, property and image security at the highest level.

Application; Training session starts with inclass teoretic training session and the other half day is used for field training. fire & emergency teams are asked to do their jobs on the selected scenaria while the rest of the employees are ferforming their daily roles.

Trainers; Training is carried out with PLUSECON trainers who are specialized in their fields, both in Turkey and abroad.

At the end of the training, PLUSECON Participation Certificate is issued.

Emergency evacuation procedures.of the institution is prepared by PLUSECON 
Training documents about fire and fire intervention are delivered to the customer.

Each group training lasts one (1) full day.

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